Friday, March 28, 2014

The Mongoloids/Broken Teeth Split

6131 Records

The Mongoloids are a straight edge band from New Jersey while Manchester, UK-based Broken Teeth are (As far as I know) just Broken Teeth. Still, they share one glorious thing in common. They both play smash-mouth hardcore and they both do it damn well! On this Split (100 Black, 300 Seafoam Green
and 600 Grey Marble-see link below) they each get two stabs at it with the Jersey lads up first and the UK bunch following their lead.
Oh, and each set features new songs! And did I mention that it's also a digital release? No? Well, it is and man alive but do these tracks ever rage! The Mongoloids have the better overall sound (In my most humble opinion of course!) while Broken Teeth hands down wins the prize for most brutal delivery (Especially when it comes to "Path of Conviction"! Wowzers!). Not that you can go wrong either way as this is top of the line hardcore from two remarkable bands!

Buy it here in vinyl form:

Buy it here in digital form:

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