Thursday, May 08, 2014

Captain Black Beard-Before Plastic

Dead End Exist Records

Classic rock and roll from Sweden? And good rock and roll at that? I mean, what are the odds? For Captain Black Beard it's another case of "there's got to be something in the drinking water over there!" as this Stockholm bunch make sweet love to rock and roll on their sophomore release and from the sounds of things it comes as a natural reaction to their environment/hometown. Whether you want to talk about the AOR moments here or the touches of hard rock there (or for that matter the guest appearance of guitarist Bruce Kulick on opening track, "Please Come Home") it all adds up to the same score-Sweden knows how to shape and mold the kind of rock bands that tunnel right in to your heart (you know, down there where good, old fashioned rock and roll still brings a smile to your face and makes you glad that the guitar was finally made electric!) and stay there for times when you just want to let it all go. Captain Black Beard's 2011 self-titled debut album was well-loved by the press and fans alike and this one should follow the same path. So, if it's rock you're after then don't be afraid to give this one a spin as it's the real thing friends!

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