Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dead Earth Politics-Men Become Gods


Almost one year removed from the band's righteous The Queen of Steel EP, Austin, Texas heavy metal groove thrashers Dead Earth Politics return with this 4-track following, "Men Become Gods", making everything right with the world. Or at least for the time being. There's always tomorrow and new darkness to be had, but for the here and now this one's a real deal banger and it bangs HARD! Mark this date down (March 14th, 2015) as that is the official release date of this praise-worthy EP. The second in a series of three EP's, "Men Become Gods" might normally get down votes for rolling out on my ex wife's B-day, but even that mistimed coincidence cannot stop the thunderous joy that comes from unleashing the beast's beats that constitute these cuts! For those who loved the band's last EP this upcoming EP is more of the same only better! That begins with the vocal styling of frontman Ven Scott and ends with the drumming of Mason Evans. In-between it's all kind of gooey goodness with the addition of new* guitarist Aaron Canady (of Austin, Texas metal band Shrapnel) likely to pay dividends for year's to come. One can't help but appreciate all that this band puts into their music and the professional way in which they present themselves. I'm rooting for Dead Earth Politics and I suggest all of our readers do the same. These guys come across as legit with "Men Become Gods" crushing all expectations and strongly hinting at a band right on cusp of something big (much like their BIG riffs!).You can find this Texas band online here or if you like here while you can hear the group's last EP over here.

*Aaron Canady joined in 2014 and was on the group's last EP as well. Even as good as the chemistry was on that particular EP (between Canady and Dead Earth Politics' guitarist Tim Driscoll) it has improved tenfold with "Men Become Gods" pointing towards serious future success for this five-piece band! Between these two (Canady and Driscoll) riffs fly everywhere, but these also gel seamlessly making the string section of Dead Earth Politics just glorious! With Will Little doing his thing on the bass (and doing it oh so smooth!) this band is (collectively) something to behold! As much as I loved the group's last release this new one is a improvement with the songwriting and overall delivery of Dead Earth Politics bordering on near-perfection! So far 2015 is proving to be real blessing when it comes to heavy metal/thrash with hooks!

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