Friday, May 15, 2015

Electric Vengeance-Manic Possession


With a couple of demos and a 2012 EP called "Street Metal Attack" already to their name, Electric Vengeance now roll out their first full-length album with "Manic Possession". If this Texas-based band's name or this blistering album's artwork isn't enough to fill in the blanks for you then maybe song-titles like "Possessed in the Pit",  "Parasitic Punx!", "Meat Grinder"and "Super Shredder" will? If you're still at a loss as to the name of this game then I'll help you out. This is THRASH  (or more specifically crossover thrash) of the take no prisoner's and take no shit variety with "Manic Possession" primed and ready for your next mosh metal party! Other than the 56 second "Frustrated!" (where bass player Napaulm {sic}takes hold of the mic) the lead vocals "Manic Possession" are handled by guitarist Bran Damage and it's Trey Lunabomber that you'll hear banging the holy f**k out of a drum kit in the background! Songs like "Electric Harry" and "Second Chance" actually recall several bands that this wicked trio has shared the stage with such as D.R.I. and Raven while a song like "Parasitic Punx!"gives you your daily allowance of the essential three S's. That would be S.O.D., Suicidal Tendencies and Slayer! Thrash rockers will love "Graffiti Plea" and the aforementioned "Meat Grinder" almost sounds like "Bonded By Blood"-era Exodus and M.O.D. getting together for a quick jam session. There's probably no need to state the obvious, but I'll do it anyway. In the mid-late eighties album's like "Manic Possession" were all the rage and some would try to tell you that they should stay there. That's not how I see it obviously. Especially seeing as albums like "Animosity", "Speak English Or Die", "Crossover", "M.O.D. For U.S.A.", and "Suicidal Tendencies" sit neatly at the top of my weekly play lists. The truth is the thrash scene would get kind of stale after awhile if all we had was next generation Bay Area and Teutonic thrash. Thank God then we've got bands like Electric Vengeance and their album "Manic Possession" to shake, rattle and thrash things up! Speaking of which, "Manic Possession" can digitally be found on iTunes and Amazon while you can contact the band on Facebook for hard copies. Meanwhile I'll be adding this album to my weekly play list of crossover thrash as well as suggesting it to all my fellow friends who actually lived through the originalmid-late eighties crossover scene!

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