Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Forklift Elevator-Borderline


It looks as if I'm on a Italian kick today as first there was one-woman occult/doom rock project Psychedelic Witchcraft and now we've got the heavy metal act Forklift Elevator. While the first one is inspired by groups such as Jefferson Airplane, Fleetwood Mac, Iron Butterfly, and Coven this band lists the likes of Pantera, Black Label Society, Lamb of God, Rammstein, Korn, and System of a Down as their influences. There is one connection between both of these Italian bands though and that would be the mutual influence of one Black Sabbath. Both Psychedelic Witchcraft and Forklift Elevator owe a debt to the English heavy metal band Black Sabbath, but let's be honest here and just say that there are LOTS of bands that would fall into that category! It's simply a curious notion that one particular band (in this instance it's Tony Iommi's band) could have such wide-ranging impact. Not that it's all that important to the issue at hand. It's just curious. Anyway, as we are here today to talk about the self-produced "Borderline" let's jump on into that fire!. Forklift Elevator's first full-length album is available on Soundcloud and on the group's official website and for a group that began life in 2009 as a cover band it sure seems as if they've come quite a ways! These days Mirco Maniero (rhythm guitarist) and Enrico M. Martin (lead vocalist) are all that remain of the original line-up, but given the chemistry that members Stefano Segato (lead guitar, backing vocals), Marco Daga (bass) and Andrea Segato (drums) bring to the party everything about "Borderline" is right as rain! What exactly are we looking at then when it comes to "Borderline"? With influences as wide flung as Black Sabbath and Pantera (by way of the nu metal band Korn it should be noted!) this one particular slab of metal has a nu metal thrash vibe going for it and my friends it most certainly IS better in person than it is on paper! The band's sound works because it's foundation is built out of legit metal riffs as made popular by the likes of Black Sabbath, (early) Metallica, Slayer and Motörhead. That being said, Forklift Elevator could stand to adopt more of the lead guitar work of said bands. Mirco Maniero's rhythm guitar seems to get most of the action and these five musicians would benefit a great deal by focusing more of their attention on the Lamb of God and Black Label Society influences and less on the Korn and System of a Down! Or at least that would be my preference as I always prefer ripping leads over heavy riffage. Both styles have their place in heavy metal and it's likely that Forklift Elevator are more geared towards their sound for a reason. As they are already working on a new album that is scheduled for release in the second half of 2016 maybe, just maybe that will be a fortunate change for the band. Either way I like what I hear on "Borderline" and I'm board this band's rock train as they roll on out of the station and make their way down the line. Now backed by Atomic Stuff Promotion, Forklift Elevator have every-chance in the world to make-it or break-it. That ball is in their corner so we'll just see what their next move is....

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