Thursday, May 14, 2015

Strange Fiction-Orange


Strange Fiction is a Barcelona-based rock band comprised of Carlos Palacio (vocals), Sergi Venteo (guitars), Marc Martínez (bass) and Joel Marco (drums). Preceded by the single "Tease Her", "Orange" is the band's soon to be released new album and this 11-track recording has a run-time of 42 minutes. The album, which will be released on June 1st so be sure to mark your calenders(!), was engineered and recorded in Spain by Tomàs Robisco and then mastered in London by Andy "Hippy" Baldwin of Metropolis Studios. From a production standpoint everything about "Orange" is spot on. There can be no real complaints in that department. For a self-release "Orange" sounds professional and the album's smooth finish is a real selling point. All of which brings us to Spanish rockers Strange Fiction. With a crazy list of influences that range from Led Zeppelin to Tracy Chapman, Strange Fiction defies easy classification and even if they have been compared to the likes of Incubus and Red Hot Chili Peppers this Spanish quartet more than lives up to it's appropriately-named moniker! The smoking hot lead single "Tease Her" opens "Orange" with swagger and it's raw sexual magnetism is only matched by the raw and crunchy guitar riffs of Sergi Venteo! The same winning combination comes into play later on with "The Glitch" and to a lesser extent with "Spell". But, we're getting ahead of ourselves so let's roll back the tape to the sweet sounds of "Tease Her". Early on in "Orange" Strange Fiction lead singer Carlos Palacio proves his worth as a rock and roll front-man with this single and it's plain to see how much the band leans of his voice. That's not to say Strange Fiction is a one-man gang or anything, but rather that his voice has far-reaching appeal. Whether it's hard funking rock ("All It Meant") or something that sounds destined for commercial pop radio success ("Another Chance") the band's lead singer makes easy work of the situation. That's what you want out of a good front-man and Carlos Palacio is a damn good front-man and then some! He proves it on "Tease Her" and every track that follows. And the number that follows "Tease Her" is "Jacko". Don't you dare turn that dial as you get to hear some fantastic Michael Jackson love in "Jacko"! From that song we move on to the Incubus-like "Not Good Enough". Incidentally you can find the melodic "Not Good Enough" and "Tease Her" on the group's bandcamp page. The comparisons that have been made to The Red Hot Chili Peppers seem to be justified given "All It Meant" and the fun mash-up of Incubus and The Red Hot Chili Peppers that takes place on "Fisherman's Truth" is more than a little enjoyable! Strange Fiction switches gears often on "Orange" and yet it all leads back to a familiar sound that can only be this four-piece band. Credit that to guitarist Sergi Venteo and the rhythm section of Marc Martínez & Joel Marco as these three musicians go out of their way in their pursuit of the perfect sound! Back to the music we go and that means it's time to talk about "Icarus' Last Night" and "Spell". Not only does Strange Fiction roll out the rock for these two numbers, but they do it one better by adding a sci feel to the mix! Meanwhile "Tic Toc On Powder" offers up the right mix of pop, indie rock and classic rock. And speaking of mixes, "Remember Me" combines rock-steady Pearl Jam with Tracy Chapman's sentimental approach to soft rock. There is no way in heaven or hell that such an odd combination should work. Or at least that is what I would have thought if someone had suggested it to me. Here's the thing. Not only does "Remember Me" work... it ROCKS! It's weird, but it's just one of those things you have to hear for yourself. And come June 1st you can do just that! "How?" you might ask. Well, by heading over to the band's official website. There you can pre-order a FREE digital copy of "Orange"! And why wouldn't you want to get a digital copy of "Orange" for yourself? Unless you are a diehard metal fan only there's little reason not to check out Strange Fiction's upcoming album. This Barcelona-based rock band mixes it up in such a way that you can't help but enjoy "Orange". Besides the band's already mentioned, "Orange" recalls everyone from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to Jane's Addiction and even Bruno Mars! When was the last time you heard that said about any band?

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