Wednesday, July 01, 2015

My Hollow-On Borrowed Time


Due to drop on July 31st (and more than a little likely to explode on contact when it does!), "On Borrowed Time" is the latest release from Toronto, Ontario's My Hollow and as suggested by it's sweet art-work it has all the subtlety of two-ton anvil slamming down on a set of pearly whites! It follows the same set of blue-prints that this (highly-regarded) band laid out on their 2012 debut EP, "Cold Dark Days", and that of course means more heavy & harsh metal from a group that is all at once progressive and groovy as F**K! You can actually hear the wicked raw title track at the bandcamp link posted above, but perhaps a word of caution is in order before you head that way. As it's over five minutes long this album's aggressive opening title track is a stone-cold beast and a blood-crazed one at that! And just like you would do when faced with any wild animal you don't want to turn your back on it! Because if you do make that mistake with the ferocious title track "On Borrowed Time" it will tear you to shreds! And to think that is just ONE of the album's fierce new numbers! Yep, you are going to want to pre-order this one so why not just stop what you're doing and take care of that business now? Personally I can't think of any good reason why you wouldn't want to pull that trigger.

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