Monday, September 21, 2015

Free Metal Monday: Over the Top (Various Recordings)


I've got Paul Rote to thank for this band. He aptly described this San Antonio, Texas band as The Godz meet Black Sabbath and as I type this up small piece up I've got "Trailer Park Queen" playing in the background and man alive(!)  I just can't get enough of these stone cold rockers! Why am I only now hearing about this band? And what's more why isn't this band a big hit? This is retro-hard rock/stoner doom rock at it's absolute best! A four-piece band lead by bassist/vocalist Jason Chapman and featuring the mad skills of guitarists Jeff Nettles & Matt Brown and drummer Ryan Gonzales, Over the Top not only offers cool original material for free over at their Bandcamp page, but the group also does a bang-up job covering "Strange Ways" by KISS! Originally appearing on KISS's 1974 album, "Hotter than Hell", "Strange Ways". was written by Ace Frehley and it sounds groovy as F**K in Over the Top's hands! As with Over the Top's original compositions it's free to download and it makes for a nice listen on this Monday morning. Enjoy!

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