Thursday, October 22, 2015

Blue Matches-Fear the Truth


Based in Tennessee and blessed by the presence of a strong lead singer named Michelle Marston, Blue Matches is a highly-infectious and undeniably catchy alternative rock/power pop band with two studio recordings to it's name. "Fear the Truth" is this four-piece band's latest release and it was recorded by Jordan Logue at Dark Horse Recording in the band's hometown of Nashville. Highlighted by the first two numbers, "Cranes" and "Down and Out", "Fear the Truth" was produced by the band's guitarist/vocalist, Steven Edwards and this 5-track EP serves as the natural follow-up to the group's 2013 debut album, "Starting Over". Bassist/vocalist Stephen Smith and drummer Phillip Brown round out this punk rock light quartet which is as melodic as it is heavy rocking! The heavy rocking part comes courtesy of guitarist Steven Edwards whose carefree style of playing gives "Fear the Truth" a bit of a gritty garage vibe. Steven's performances on these five numbers gel splendidly with Michelle's powerful voice and that helps to add extra spice to the likes of "Solipsism Syndrome" and "This Life". With the rhythm section of Smith and Brown providing that "oh so perfect" back beat, "Fear the Truth" works as a both mini-album and a title track. For this up-and-coming indie rock/alternative rock a EP like this will go a long way towards turning heads and making people stand up and take notice. It certainly did both of those things to me and I hope it does the same for all of you!

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