Monday, October 26, 2015

Free Metal Monday: Ice Sword-Demo (2015)


It's time for this week's Free Metal Monday feature and I have just one question for all of you. Is there anyone out there that might fancy some "Power/High Fantasy Metal"? If you answered yes to that question then by all means just drop what you are doing and head here. By clicking on that link you will be instantly transported to a land of mystery and magic where wizards, knights and dragons engage in an epic battle for complete dominance! Or to put it another way, "Demo (2015)" is 6-tracks of  epic/power metal and it's 100% free! Of course that would be thanks to generosity of Flagstaff, Arizona's Ice Sword. A five-piece band with style and class, Ice Sword gives off a vintage vibe that is really appealing and on their recently-released demo the group shows off a classy style of fantasy metal that is sure to open new doors and bring about plenty of new fans! If  you would like to be one of those new fans after hearing this extended-EP then be sure to head over to the group's Facebook page and give them a like.

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