Monday, November 21, 2016

Free Metal Monday: Meteor Vortex-Cosmic Labyrinth


Just released on November 18, the name-your-price "Cosmic Labyrinth" is a (guitar-heavy) tripped-out space ride from here to eternity and back from the psychedelic stoner rock/metal band known as Meteor Vortex. Yes, that is a mouthful of an opening sentence/band-description, but give a listen to this Kouvola, Finland-based power trio first before you tell me that said description doesn't fit this JAM BAND to a tee! Available by clicking on the link above, "Cosmic Labyrinth" is a three-track extended-EP that should help some of you groove your way through another moody Monday morning! For now it is a digital-only recording, but apparently there are plans underway for some kind of a psychical release. 

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