Thursday, December 06, 2007

Sense Datum

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Sense Datum hail from St. Louis and list Tool and Dream Theater as two of their main influences. They have three songs up on their Myspace page so I went and checked them out.
It's a little hard to hear everything on these tracks and I definitely hear the Tool influence, but so much Dream Theater or for that matter not too many progressive elements. I liked the vocals a good deal, they were not anything really new, but very strong and clear. I also thought that the rhythm section seemed to be very solid as well. The guitar sounded a little muddy in the mix and that just may be the sound quality more than the playing, but at times it sounded lost behind the vocals and the drums. They occasionally had some different sounds going one here and there, but largely it was fairly straightforward and moved along fairly well. So hop over and check them out.


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