Saturday, December 22, 2007

What's coming up?

Why Christmas is coming up soon of course and so is the end of the year. My kids have been sick this week so it has been rough getting things going and just keeping up. I am still sorting through CDs so there will be a number of reviews this week plus a couple of other topics.

Here is what I hope to have out.
-Later today a review of Roadkill's God Bless America
-On Sunday: Kyrbgrinder-Defiance review
-On Monday: Monster Ballads X-mas review
-On Tuesday: Ten heavy metal Christmas presents you wouldn't want to receive (I am hard at work on this topic now)
-On Wednesday:KISS-KISSology volume 3
-On Thursday: Soho Roses-Whatever happened to...The complete works of
-On Friday: My top 15 albums of 2007 plus links to all of the other blogs that are doing this topic on the same day.
-On Saturday: Absolutely no idea, but I'll post something.

I just got my first CD marked 2008 today. It's Byzantine's Oblivion beckons and I only had a chance to listen to two tracks so far, but it's very good. Hoepfully it's a sign that next year is going to be a good year for music.

***Hope you have a great week!


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