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What's coming up?

I wish spring would come and soon, but it doesn't feel like it's on it's way just quite yet. This is the hard part of the year when you feel like you have had enough winter, but around here it might not really feel like spring until almost May. Anyway here are the topics I hope to have out this week.

Interviews with
Lillian Axe

Reviews of
Nation Beyond-The aftermath odyssey
Testament-Demonic and The Gathering re-issues (maybe on the same day)
Leaded Fuel-Inhale and get pale

****Plus a new segment.****

Bob Vinyl and I will from time to time be doing a segment called "The good, the bad and our big mouths". We will take music topic and discuss, debate or just go at it depending on the topic. This week the Rocklahoma line-up will be announced so we decided to have our debut focus on that. We will tell what we think of the bands that will be playing plus talk about this festival in general. So definitely stop by for that.

I picked up a good size stack of CDs for a cheap price this past week. Largely hard rock and a few metal and some AOR stuff. Some I had never heard before, some I hadn't heard in years and some I shouldn't bothered with. Here are a few realizations I made after listening to some stuff from this stack.

-Montrose's debut was almost fanstatic.
-Trixter are about as appealing as hearing someone scrape their nails across a chalkboard.
-Sammy Hagar's VOA was better than I remember it being.
-Quiet Riot's third album was even worse than I remember is being.
-Budgie were very good even when they were past their peak.
-Contraband were a very mediocre supergroup.
-Warrant bore the shit out of me
-Atomic Rooster had a lot of groove to their music and they did it without trying too hard.
-Autograph had some playing talent, but they never quite tried enough to really rock.
-Def Leppard's On through the night was good, but they grew by leaps and bound over the next two albums.

I may review some of these at some point or at the very least use a few in my "Lesser of two evils" segment.


Blogger rock_of_ages said...

That looks like a decent CD haul there Mark. Some interesting comments too...

Montrose debut - "almost fantastic"... yep gotta agree there.

Sammy Hagar's VOA - I nearly picked this up on vinyl Friday but left it on this occasion. I gotta say I find a lot to like about those early Hagar albums but then I like a fair bit of his VH stuff too.

Contraband - "very mediocre"... too kind!! One of the worst supergroup concoctions ever!

Budgie are still very good mate. I saw them live last month and loved it - two of the best songs on the night were off the latest album.

Warrant, Trixter etc - the sort of bands that I quite liked as a teenager mainly because the girl count was higher than at a party playing Maiden and Metallica but it all sounds so dated now!! (I'd throw Poison in with this too)

Def Leppard... I like their first 2 albums more and more these days. Pyromania and Hysteria I still enjoy too (I know your thoughts on Hysteria!!) but I'm interested to hear what they do next as I don't think they know where they fit anymore. The last tour had a lot off High n Dry yet they must feel the sales will come through Hysteria style stuff whereas the last album had some tracks that fell into boyband territory. I got tickets for the Whitesnake/Def Lep double header in June so hope the new ones a rocker... but I doubt it.

anyway.. I'm rambling now - look forward to the Rocklahoma piece... should be an interesting read :-)


3:30 AM  
Blogger Metal Mark said...

I am still going through the stack. Some of things I only ever had on vinyl or cassette and some are items I got just because they were there. I even got a Status Quo Cd, but that's one of the ones I have not gotten to yet. I like Poiosn more than Warrant and Trixter. Their talent level isn't much a better, but they were not as dull. On through the night is good, but High n' Dry and Pyromania are the ones I reach for a lot.

5:09 AM  
Blogger Keir said...

By Quiet Riot's third album I assume you mean QR III, which is actually their 5th album and is pretty dreadful. Their third album (Metal Health) is arguably their best.

I'm curious what Budgie album you got. After a few classics, they put out some rather drab releases in the late 70s but I think Nightflight is a killer comeback and one of their best. Of course, I also think On Through the Night is Def Leppard's best album, so take that with a grain of salt. :)

7:52 AM  
Blogger Metal Mark said...

Keir-I count 3 as the third album and it is very bad.

8:08 AM  

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