Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Slaughter-Not dead yet/Paranormal


Metal Mind

First the brief history lesson, Canadian thrash/death metal outift Slaughter recorded the Paranomal EP in 1988. Then the band changed some members and their name as they became Strappado. As Strappado they released "Not dead yet" in 1991 so this release includes both those albums plus four live tracks recorded in the 1980's. The "Not dead yet" material comes first on this release and it's rather typical although semi-satisfying thrash. The guitar is a little muddy in the mix and the complexity and fire are adequate yet nothing that's going to bowl you over. For 1991 it's even a little behind the times I would say due to some rather one dimensional thrash parts. The Paranormal EP is slightly better with a bit more steam behind them a stronger and richer production. Both albums are decent, but both fail to really pick up on the sound that this band established on their 1986 debut "Strappado". It's as if they became more basic and less aggressive at they went along which makes no sense to me. They also started as an early death metal band and were ahead of the game by mid-80's standards. Yet by 1991 they were playing rather standard and even slightly dated thrash. Perhaps they dumbed down the style in hopes of getting a better record deal during while thrash still had some following. I am not sure of the reason behind the change, but it was slightly disappointing. This version also includes four live tracks that are good, but the sound is somewhat fuzzy. A decent package for sure, but it's shame these guys didn't follow what they are started on their debut.

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