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Snake of Eden interview


Snake of Eden are a young glam/punk band who are currently working their way up the ladder. I recently got to interview guitarist Matty D to find out more about what they are currently up to.

MM-Hey, introduce your band and what instruments you play?

MD-What up, my name is Matty D, I play guitar, we got Kelli on Vocals, Izzy on the bass, Rock on Keys and Oskar on drums

MM-Who are your musical influences?
MD-We are all into different shit but I would say Oskar our drummer loves shit like Crue, Hardcore Superstar and Skid Row.. The harder rock shit which is perfect for a drummer cause he knows how to lay down some heavy grooves. The triplets dig Hanoi Rocks, Billy idol, Shotgun Messiah, Sex Pistols and shit like that. I dig everything, but lately mostly 70's punk and trashy rock n roll and shit like Chuck Berry and early Aerosmith, that’s where our sound comes from. The style of shit we play is just straight up street rock n roll, lotsa attitude, bangin’ drums, loud guitars, ya know, the good stuff.

MM-What are some of the first albums that you heard that you really got excited about?

MD-Fuck every time I hear a new record that is sick I get excited, I’m still discovering so much music, that’s what I love to do, but I remember the first time hearin’ the first Aerosmith record and make it kickin’ in I was blown away, or Hanoi-Self destruction blues was rad, I dunno.. There is too many good record out there, nothin I love more than hearing a kick ass song I never heard before, it’s better than drugs.

MM-I saw you recently posted a new song over at your Myspace page. How many originals do you have so far?

MD-We got a set right now of 5 Originals and a cover of an old Alice Cooper tune called "Is it my body" from the "Love it to death" record. We got other songs that are bein’ worked on right now that we will bust out soon too, so our set list is.. Back to life, Hollywood blues, Back in the trap, Hollywood Rat, and the Darkside.

MM-Have you had any interest from any labels yet? How important is to you to get signed at his point?

MD-There has been some small interest but nothin' that has led to anything right now. As far as getting signed it depends on the label, a lot of major labels and badly run labels can really fuck you up so ya gotta be careful, but if a cool label came along that really believes in the band than fuckin’ A ..gimme a pen..

MM-Are you holding out for a record deal or is there any chance you might do a self-produced album instead?

MD-Well we have been recording our own shit lately but that’s just demo shit, truthfully I don’t think any of us could handle putting our record out and getting it in stores and all that, we can produce the thing on our own but as far as getting shit pressed we will need a label.

MM-You guys must be doing something right because I have been hearing a lot about your band so far. So what is your band doing that's going to make you stand out in today's scene?

MD-We are playin’ good fuckin’ street rock n roll and have good songs, that’s all that matters, some bands got a pretty look but can't write a song, I call ‘em posers! bud

MM-I know you have a few shows lined up soon including dates in Las Vegas and San Francisco. What have been some of your more memorable shows so far? Who have you opened for?

MD-Well since I joined in February we been playin’ the Cat Club bit on Sunday nights opening for Happenin Harry's bands which has been cool, we played with my boy’s band Thunder City in San Francisco
who rip, check ‘em out, our cat club gigs have been rad, we just played the Knitting Factory and that was pretty cool too.


MM-What is it like having a set of triplets in the band? Does it help or make it confusing or does it really matter?

MD-I live with ‘em and it is a fuckin’ circus, they are fun fuckers though and I love 'em to death but they are all completely insane, and I say that in the nicest way possible 'cause I’m a nut as well, but it helps the band cause they are all extremely talented and creative motherfuckers and that to me is all that matters.

MM-Obviously you guys are big in 1980's glam/hard rock. What do you think was so good about hard rock in the 1980's compared to music from other decades?

MD-What seemed good about it?? I dunno lotsa chicks drugs and money and some sick lookin' parties. Some decent music but also a lot of shit music. The 80s to me just looked like a lot of fun. Compared to other decades and other music scene I don't rate it any higher or lower there is a lot of rad music and music scenes I wouldn't say the 80s glam scene was the best. There is too much good music out there

MM-Do you think that hard rock/glam is making a comeback? If so then why do you think that is?

MD-In Hollywood there is a lotta cool rock bands comin out so fuckin a that is cool, but I'm from Toronto and there 'aint really any shit like that goin' on down there except for my friends band Diemonds . It would be cool if there was an audience that built up and started something new and cool but I don't reallty care about that 'cause I'll still be playin' rock n roll regardless if it comes back or not.

MM-What are you currently listening to?

Slaughter and the dogs, the Boys, Diamonds, Dead Boys, Plasmatics, Slayer, Hanoi Rocks, the Heartbreakers....I dunnoo, lotsa random shit

MM-From looking at your Myspace page it looks like you have a small army of supporters with all of the street teams and fan pages. How did all of those get organized and how much do you think they are helping to spread your name and your music?

MD-I honestly have no clue how it came but I think it is fuckin' awesome that fans would do that and I wanna thank them for the support and let em know that we appreciate that shit.
I think it helps a shitload cause the more people they tell about our band means the more people that will get into our music so thank yA@!


MM-It's almost halfway through the year. How has 2008 been for your band so far and what do you hope to accomplish in the second half of the year?

MD-So far it has been rad, I just joined in February but when I joined we literally had nothing, no songs or anything so we have built this up pretty fuckin' nicely so far in the past couple of months, shit is movin' fast and goin better than I could have expected. In the next half of the year I wanna keep pumpin' out sick songs and playin' as many gigs as possible and buildin' this shit up more and more so by the end of they year everyone in California knows who Snake of Eden is and we can start 'our gigs where we get lotsa people out to see us. Hopefully get a record done the end of the year too that would be cool.

MM-Pick the band from each of the following pair that you prefer and tell why.
Pretty Boy Floyd or Tigertailz

Both bands are LAME! haha I don't listen to either of 'em

LA Guns or Skid Row

First LA guns record over all Skid Row but that's just my opinion, Oskar our drummer would disagree, both bands got rad songs tho and I dig em both.

Hanoi Rocks or Ramones

Tough one, love em both, depends on my mood but I'll take Hanoi right now cause I just scored some rare Hanoi shit I'd never heard before and it rules.

Motley Crue or Poison

Crue, Poison SUCK!

MM-Is there anything else that you would like to say about your band or your music?
MD-Check out our Myspace page and listen to our tunes
come see us live and we will blow ya

***Thanks to Matty D for doing the interview.

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It's nice to see people around the world are interested in bands like this. I'm from Brazil and it is kinda hard to find someone who has ever heard of this shit over here.

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