Friday, June 20, 2008

Unfortunately named


While writing about Canada's Slaughter the other day I began thinking about how they had to watch a hair band with the same name get some popularity and inevitabley cause some confusion. Now Canada's Slaughter were actually going by Strappada by the time the hair band released their debut. However they still probably had some confusion and may have even gotten teased. Another band in a similar situation is the far more obscure Warrant from Germany who knocked out an EP called First Strike and an LP The Enforcer both in the mid-1980's. I have never heard this band, but have heard them described as an early speed metal band. Now granted the German band released their albums several years before the hair band, but this could cause confusion even today. Somehow I envision a member of the German Warrant now in his late 40's browsing in a local record store. He sees a young metalhead wearing a Kreator shirt and can't help but try to talk about his past. Perhaps the conversation would go something like this.

Warrant Guy: Cool shirt.
Metal Dude: Thanks

Warrant Guy: I used to be in a metal band.
Metal Dude: Really, which one?

Warrant Guy: Warrant
Metal Dude: EWWWWW

Warrant Guy: No, no, not that Warrant.
Metal Dude: I think I am ready to leave.

Warrant Guy: I was in Warrant the metal band!
Metal Dude: Uh, yeah, Cherry Pie, real thrashin' stuff, Grandpa.

Warrant Guy: No, wait, come back I really was in a cool band!
Metal Dude: Get, away from me you nut. Why don't you go where the Down Boys go and stay there! (as he heads towards the exit)

***See how much trouble this could cause?

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