Thursday, October 02, 2008

Those who bring torture-Tank Gasmask Ammo


The cover, band name and title had me imagining this album would be very to the point and brutal. Was I right? Well, I wasn’t far off as these guys from Sweden play a fairly traditional brand of death metal with chunks of perhaps 90’s grind core blended together to create a rather tight blend. As one might gather from the album title and song titles like “Riders on the mushroomcloud” and “Radiation blessed”, there is a definite war theme running throughout the album. Like machine gun fire they spit out riffs and furiously steady drum beats without pausing or taking a breath. The first few tracks seem a bit more limited or at least this occurred to me in retrospect after I took in the entire album. It almost seem like the band gets more comfortable as the go along. Toward the beginning everything is a little tense and limited in their presentation, but after a while they seem to settle in more. Once they hit this comfort zone they shift speeds with greater regularity and the band begins to control the pace instead of vice versa. The vocals are fairly typical of this genre, but good enough although on a few songs they seem a little low in the mix. As good as it is; I think they could have even been a little more aggressive and taken even more chances. Still “Tank Gasmask Ammo” has sufficient power and ideas to make it worth seeking out.

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