Monday, November 17, 2008

The Answer-Never too late

The End

Ireland's The Answer are about set to become a household name on this side of the Atlantic as they get ready to open for AC/DC on their current tour. The band released "Rise" in 2006 and immediately gained a great deal of notice in the UK. They have released this four track EP to initiate U.S. audiences to their music and likely to tide fans over until their next full length comes out in 2009. The Answer play blues based hard rock with a 1970's influence being immediately evident in their style. Obviously they love Led Zeppelin a lot and their music echoes a similar approach. The title track of this EP is from Rise and it's a good introduction to the band for those that missed the album's original release. The second track “Highwater Or Hell” from the forthcoming second album. The slow, blues soaked "The Doctor” previously appeared on the two disc bonus version of "Rise". The EP ends with an inspired live version of “Come Follow Me” that was recorded in Japan. Now they have their chops down and they definitely sound like a band who is ready to bring their act to the big stage. Are they doing anything new and different? Not really, but they do very well at playing this type of hard rock and they bring a great deal of excitement with them.

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Blogger Sean said...

yeah, been listening to them since before they got a record deal. not great, but good fun rock and roll. i hope they do well in the states.

5:45 AM  
Anonymous Kalle said...

Their debut was superb. Can't wait for the new album!!

7:17 AM  

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