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I caught myself staring at this cover before I popped the disc in the player. It's a rather typical power metal cover with fantasy elements that show up on a lot of covers. The cover has a lot going on in the foreground and the background. In this case the music contained within actually has some similarities with the cover. The music is hyper and extremely busy and perhaps a bit over the top. Axxis play a style that doesn't rely on much build-up as they instead plunge straight forward with every instrument. Actually there was at times so much going on that it didn't totally sink in the first time as around, but I was able to get a handle on it more the second time around. The melodies are plentiful and catchy. Vocalist Bernhard Weiss has a great range and his vocals soar alongside the music. There isn't a great deal of restraint or even varied song structures on this album. Instead it's as if they take their strengths and put everything up front. It's something getting dessert before the meal. It's kind of a treat and a surprise, but I am sure I could handle it all of the time. Playing-wise they are not doing a whole that hasn't been done a number of other power metal bands. Instead they do alter the order around and the result is a lively and even fun album. It my not be the tightest or most inventive music being done, but "Utopia" was easy to enjoy and I still remember a great deal about hours after it's over. So they obviously done enough to make an impression on me.

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OpenID metalodyssey said...

A good review, I'm going to snag this album down the Metal road in 2010. The cover really is sensational too. I have always admired great album covers as well, they sometimes can make or break the actual sale of said album. (As ridiculous as that sounds).

It sounds like a Sonata Arctica like album/band here with Axxis... and I like Sonata Arctica a Metal bunch.

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