Monday, January 18, 2010

Gypsy Pistoleros-Hotel De La Muerte


Bad Reputation


I put this in my top 25 albums of last year and played it repeatedly, but perhaps because I had become so familar with the songs I thought that I had already reviewed this EP from the Gypsy Pistoleros. However it recently dawned on my that I got all caught up in enoying this disc and forgot all about reviewing which of course was the reason I was sent a copy. Okay, I became a fan of these guys about thirty seconds into "Wild, beautiful, damned" back in 2007. I was immediately drawn by the cross of glam, punk and flamenco sounds blended together. Two years and a number of line-up changes later the band's sound is a little less varied, but surprisingly tighter. There are still raw edges and some interesting touches in between, but the hard rock sound rises above the other styles. The Pistoleros are sounding far more proficient than ever and the grooves come churning and turning often on these songs. Now I kind of wish flamenco touches were more prominent this time around. However they are so good at what they are doing that I can't fault them too much. The band's personality and exuberance shine through even more than ever. Enjoyable hard rock to me has always been about having a good time and this band nails that vibe instantly. Even though the flamenco and punks sounds have decreased this time around they are still the most interesting glam act going today hands down.

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