Friday, January 14, 2011

Allen/Lande- The Showdown

Frontier Records 2010

The Showdown is the third collaboration between Symphony X vocalist Russell Allen and Masterplan vocalist Jorne Lande. Also featuring the talents of Magnus Karisson (guitar/bass/keyboards) of Primal Fear fame and drummer Jaime Salazar ( Midnight Sun) the album plays out as one would expect given the line up: melodic hard rock/heavy metal. With production that is crystal clear The Showdown is a masterful mix showing off not only the talents of two great singers but also the guitar playing of Magnus Karisson. While this album never gets too heavy (the title track is probably the most powerful moment on the record) the album is catchy and well executed. Tracks like "Turn All Into Gold" and "Never Again" are what melodic metal should sound like-a perfect blend of melody and heavy rock. The fact is there really is never a dull moment on the disc. 12 great tracks of melodic hard rock/heavy metal. You can't go wrong with this one.


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