Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nekromantheon-Divinity of death


Vendlus Records

Every time I turn around another old-school early death metal or retro-thrash act pops up. Like any other style there's both good and bad acts. Not to be too dismissive, but I can normally tell if one of these bands is worth or not after just a few minutes of listening to them. Norwegian trio Nekromantheon impressed me seconds into their full length debut. It's like a long lost album from 1986 that's equal parts pre-Reign in blood Slayer, Kreator and Whiplash. Lots of primitive swirling riffs and painfully simple, but still explosive drum beats. The vocals are scratchy and raw yet still reminiscent of a time when bands thought it was okay to play but still have vocals where you could understand the lyrics. Not the lyrics are all that original because it's generally run of the mill, death and killing type material. Still Nekromantheon play up the over the top twisting and bending blazing riffs kind of approach as well as anyone else going today. Yes, they are still stuck in a style that was left behind over twenty years ago. Still the bottom line for me is it's enjoyable and they play it with a great of energy and power. Old style thrash hounds will be loving this one.

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