Saturday, February 26, 2011


Dark Descent

Sweden's Uncanny were active in the death metal scene in the early 90's and released one full length album with 1994's "Splenium For Nyktophobia". The band faded away not long after that album and unfortunately that album was it for the band until now. The kind people of Dark Descent have gone back and packaged up all of Uncanny's work into this 30 track package. We get "Splenium for Nykorophoibia" plus their two demos-1991's Transportation to the Uncanny and 1992's Nyktalgia and a split release in 1993 with Ancient Rites. We get all this on a two disc set. Uncanny played straight up brutal death metal not far off from the likes of Entombed or Dismember. Uncanny didn't see the kind of impact in their day that they may have hoped for, but there is no doubt that their material is still impressive by early death metal standards. Some of the demos are not of the same sound or performances quality as the LP, but they are just just that demos so that's somewhat expected. They still show the raw talent this band had and how they improved over a rather brief period of time. It's a shame that has taken so long for all of this material to be released. However many thanks to Dark Descent for doing this right and getting these songs out there for the fans.

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