Friday, February 25, 2011

At No End-Urban Holocaust

True Metal/Blastzone Entert. 2010

My friends and I have this saying in regards to sports teams in my home state of Ohio-"Jesus hates Cleveland". Sometimes I suspect it isn't just the sports teams either. Indeed Cleveland is a city forever perched on the edge of death. It's gritty, dirty and filled with very little hope. It's no wonder that such a city would produce the self described "rust belt metal" band At No End. Formed in 2004 the band would record it's first demo a mere three months later. Fast forward several years later (during which time the band developed a loyal following and received tons of positive press) and the band entered the studio with producer/guitarist Curran Murphy (Shatter Messiah/Nevermore) to record Urban Holocaust. Featuring Jack Sabolich on vocals, Tom Packard-guitar, Don Forrestor-bass,vocals and Kenny Easterly(Delusive Dream, Institution (USA)) on drums the album is a throw back to old school hardcore/metal such as the Cro-mags. If real hardcore is not your thing then I would stop reading right now you and walk away because this is not the trendy Hot Topic hardcore. Your not going to be dancing to it or singing a-long to catchy Fall Out Boy nonsense. This is growing up down and out street metal. It's real and as ugly as the streets it came from. If your like me though and you love your hardcore with broken bones and shattered teeth then Urban Holocaust will please your savage thirst. As a side note Kenny Easterly's father was the drummer for cult power metal bands Purgatory and Mystik. That's quite a legacy to have. The disc should be available shortly on Itunes and is already available as a download on Amazon. More info can be found on the groups page below.


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