Thursday, March 17, 2011

Anaal Narthrakh-Passion

Candlelight Records
The first time I saw Hellraiser it really bothered me. The concept of sex as pain and pain as sex wasn't new. But a twist of horror and tons of blood really set the tone for it being something of utter evil to a younger me. Nothing would shock me the same way until a friend and I rented Cannibal Ferox (A.K.A. Make Them Die Slowly) while his parents were away. Having never seen an Italian horror film like that I realized that there was a whole different world out there then what I had seen or heard in my few years of kicking up dirt in my small hometown. Anaal Narthrakh's Passion is a whole different world too. Soundtracks to my nightmares are nothing new of course. Passion however moves beyond that. Musically elements of metal, industrial music , grind, and noise swirl around collecting huge amounts of static evil. Once this evil entity has charged as much as it can then the ugly affair is laid down on tape. I suppose it's also possible that someone found one those "doorways to hell" like in the movie The Beyond and this is the sounds that came echoing out of it once it was cracked open. Either way this is the sound of a sonic exorcism. Be warned.


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