Saturday, March 05, 2011

Neuro Massacre-Demo 6-17-10 and Killing Game Single

Self-Released 2010
Formed in 2006 by drummer Nolan Best and guitarist/vocalist Scott Hamman Virginia band Neuro Massacre are digging up the corpse of old school thrash metal and pumping life into it one gig at a time. Originally the band formed under the name Fratricide before changing to As the Fallen Arise and then finally settling on the now permanent name of Neuro Massacre. With Kevin Spangler on guitar and Matt McDunn filling in on bass the group list Death, Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Demolition Hammer, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Megadeth, Sacred Reich, Atrophy, Whiplash, Overkill, Carcass, Gorguts and Autopsy as their influences. Starting off with the Killing Game Single I was treated to some chaotic and hardcore tinged thrash. The single includes their take on the cover song McDonaldland Massacre ( Coven ) . I had to smile at their sloppy punk Venom style cover thinking back to my days working at McHell (where I meet my wife by the way) and realizing they could have been the soundtrack to my year there. The Demo that follows is toxic street thrash. They might not be ready to take on the likes of Exodus but I give them points for style. These guys have fun beating the hell out of their equipment and it gives the demo a real charm. "Leave Them To Die" reminded me a bit of Carnivore with some Cryptic Slaughter thrown in. "Purged in the Flames of Blasphemy" is the kind of song I could have imagined coming out of a San Fransisco garage back in the early 80's. I like a band that shows an appreciation for Bay Area thrash and these guys wear it on their sleeves. "E.T.S." is S.O.D and Possessed having a fist fight over the last beer. Obviously Neuro Massacre are not trying to reinvent the wheel. They are just going to burn it and thrash in it's flames. Currently unsigned who knows what the future holds for these merry metalheads. But with retro thrash bands like Municipal Waste being all the rage these guys could grab hold and be in for a hell of a ride. Find out more at the group's Reverbnation page.!/neuromassacre


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I have to say that being at Neuro Massacre and Dental Meth's last show they both were WRETCHED! *and NOT in a good way* I was invited out by a friend and the music was ghastly! Drums= too much, Vocals= horrible, guitar= wtf?! and last but not least the bass= who the fuck taught you how to play mate?! Everyone thrashing about like these 2 bands were the best thing since sliced bread? Get a grip on yourselves and realize that the music you've been making is a bunch of bollocks at best

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