Saturday, July 09, 2011

40 Watt Sun-The Inside Room

Metal Blade Records / Cyclone Empire

40 Watt Sun is the new project of singer/guitarist/songwriter Patrick Walker (of doom metal band Warning fame). Recorded over just three days and nights at The Library Studio in London The Inside Room was produced entirely by the band and engineered and mixed by bassist William Spong. Joining Walker and Spong on The Inside Room is drummer/percussionist Christian Leitch (of London-based band The River). Now just like with Warning the highlight here is Patrick Walker’s powerful delivery. His aching voice echos over crunching riffs giving The Inside Room a haunting quality. While it would be safe to draw a line from the work of Warning to that of 40 Watt Sun the truth is that this new project finds Patrick Walker breathing a little more life into what is otherwise familiar doom. His soul is on display as always on The Inside Room only now there is more emphasis on atmosphere. Acoustic passages offer lighter moments and the melody (while hidden under layers of Black Sabbath riffs) gives this 5 song release a touch of class. While the production is modern and crisp (again surprising since this was recorded over just three days) The Inside Room still sounds like it could be a long lost classic of the doom era. Fans of Warning will find much to love here that's for sure!


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