Friday, July 08, 2011

Mechanics Of Things-Twin Electric Death


On Twin Electric Death Ohio's Mechanics Of Things (MOT for short) deliver such a potent blend of dirty high octane rock and roll and stoner infused punk rock that even the devil would stop right in his tracks and ask "what the hell was that?". Without sounding like a broken record Ohio continues to pump out great rock bands that have the ability to shake the very foundations of rock and MOT are just the latest to burn a path of fury straight to the heart of rock's eager fans. Twin Electric Death breathes fire truth be told. Punk rock mixes with Motorhead while Paul Conaway's voice echos with the sound of a raw James Hetfield. Songs like "T.E.D.", "Paper Suicide" and "Earthmover" had me wanting more and by the time "Drown You" came along I felt whipped. In their bones the band channels the Dead Boys on cuts like "Gasoline" so it comes as no surprise that as an added bonus MOT choose to cover "Sonic Reducer".


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