Friday, July 08, 2011

Denial Fiend- Horror Holocaust

Ibex Moon Records

Tampa's Denial Fiend was formed in 2007 by members of Massacre, Death, Six Feet Under, Obituary and Down By Law. After releasing They Rise on Ibex Moon records in 2008 the band toured Europe and made the rounds at various metal festivals (LA Murderfest, Central Illinois Metalfest, F.T.C. fest, etc) before finally taking time off to regroup. Fast forward to the here and now and Denial Fiend return with Horror Holocaust and a new revamped line-up. Joining bassist Terry Butler (Massacre, Death, Six Feet Under, Obituary) and guitarist Sam Williams (Down By Law, the Spears) are vocalist Blaine Cook (the Accused, the Fartz) and drummer Rob Rampy (DRI, the Spears). The time off seems to have done the group some good as Horror Holocaust takes the foundation of Tampa area death metal and adds various influences ranging from Slayer, Celtic Frost, Poison Idea, Death, Carcass and Corrosion Of Conformity to the mix to create a sound that is not your everyday heavy metal. With lyrics again revolving around horror and slasher movies Denial Fiend play with fierce intensity and have put out an album that will appeal to not only death metal freaks, but hardcore and crossover fans as well. Blaine Cook sounds as good as ever and is a perfect fit for the insanity that is Denial Fiend. New drummer Rob Rampy backs what is some insane metal and showcases some nice beats on this platter of horror themed music. With guest appearances by James Murphy, Steve Swanson and Ralph Santolla Horror Holocaust is nothing short of killer and had me wanting more. Despite being more or less a side project Denial Fiend has crafted another album that is well rounded and worth adding to your collection. Hopefully this line-up will stick because Denial Fiend have found a sound that is worth hanging onto and molding into a long term entity.


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