Sunday, July 10, 2011

Admiral Browning-Battle Stations



Two years ago I was absolutely floored by "Magic Elixar" from Middletown, Maryland trio Admiral Browning. It was an amazing instrumental album that I played over and over. It was their third release, but my first exposure to the band. One day not long ago I was thrilled to find the new Admiral Browning release "Battle Stations" in my mailbox. I eagerly unwrapped the package and slipped the disc into my player. Since then I have spent the last two weeks listening to it and trying to gather my thoughts together to do it justice. So we get five tracks that total up to be a little under forty minutes total. Each song absolutely has it's own personality. Opener "Riff Crisis" is a deep, thumping voyage with chaotic attacks and subtle bursts interwoven through out. "The Binary" revolves around some oddly paced riffs with the rhythm section swirling around constantly. This is a more spaced out affair for about the first half and then the stars clear out a little and the song launches into a 70's style jam session with notes and beats flying around everywhere. "One luck canary" eases on with a slow almost sedate feel, but eventually the doors open to let loose a display of winding jams that are held together by some twisted riffs. Up forth is the very short "Interlude" which is a quick middle-eastern influenced track. The closer is a 12 minute plus monster called "Dreams of Hammurabi". It comes thundering out of the gates with an explosive force which lasts for around two and a half minutes before slowing down for a spell. However they are just getting started as the second of the track sees the trio pulling out all the stops as the song goes back and forth between an all out display of technical madness and the swirling pieces that hold the track together. In the end this song is an impressive display that will leave you exhausted and impressed. The style here isn't quite as in your face as the songs on "Magic Elixar", but it's just as fantastic. Admiral Browning are like progressive music for stoner rock fans or vice versa depending on your preference or background. Either way they meld styles together into a blend that calls upon the most exciting elements available. Once again an amazing album from this band.

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