Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Root-Heritage Of Satan

Agonia Records

After an opening number ("Introprincipio") that sounded like free-form black metal jazz I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from this odd band from the Czech Republic. Having formed way back in 1987 this band has been kicking out "interesting" albums for a long time now with some good, some bad and some where your like what the heck is that all about. Musically these guys pull in black metal, doom, goth, power/thrash metal and a little bit of everything else all under the cheesy banner of Venom-inspired lyrics. It can be a real chore to sit through an album full of pro-devil sentiment that would make Cronos seem like a moderate but these are the things we are called upon as reviewers. So, what to make of this album then? By my count this is their 9th full-length and if anything vocalist Big Boss (Jirí Walter) and company have created a album that musically is quite a novel release. Actually it is Big Boss that keeps things interesting with his theatrical baritone making him one of the more unusual lead vocalists out there. Whether he is singing in a clear voice or shrieking out black metal rasping noises he captures your attention that is for sure. In the end this is as stated an interesting listen. It's just a shame that the lyrical content is so over the top that it made it hard for me to take that aspect serious. If that sort of thing is your....well, thing then Root should make it's way into your collection.


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