Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Frontiers Records

Mecca is a AOR supergoup lead by vocalist Joe Vana. On their 2002 self-titled debut album Joe was joined by Toto members Fergie Frederiksen, Bobby Kimball and David Hungate as well as Pride Of Lions guitarist Mike Aquino, session drummer Shannon Forrest and keyboardist Jimmy Nichols. The album was well received by both fans and critics with obvious comparisons being drawn to bands like Toto, Kansas, Foreigner, Mr. Mister and Whitesnake. "Undeniable" is the follow-up and for the most part picks up where "Mecca" left off. Armed with new players, Joe Vanna takes Mecca for a walk down AOR/melodic walk lane with pit-stops along the way to pay homage to others that came before. "Undeniable" is a proper title as there are undeniable influences to be had throughout the album. Bands like Journey, Toto, Mr. Mister, Foreigner, Survivor, REO Speedwagon and the like make up the bulk of Mecca's backbone. "Undeniable" is also a perfect fit for Frontiers Records as it's melodic rock at its best. If slick, over the top and flashy rock is what your looking for Frontiers Records usually has something right up your alley and Mecca fits that mold perfectly. In a time when AOR and melodic rock has lost steam (Let's face facts here folks and realize these two genres may never see the popularity they had in the eighties again) bands like Mecca are still out there singing its praises. If your the type who just can't seem to ever get enough of this sort of smooth rock then "Undeniable" should find it's way into your life. It's well produced and executed with top notch talent backing up Joe Vana once more.


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