Thursday, November 17, 2011

Maria's B-Movie Mayhem-Night of the Demon

Code Red

If you've already read my review of Code Red's "Mardi Gras Massacre" then you know I can take or leave Maria Kanellis. Nothing against her personally as I'm sure she is a nice person. It's just that for a host I find her slight better than worthless. Considering I've just starting watching Scorpion Entertainment's uncut version of "Humongous" (review coming next week) and that it is hosted by the much better Katarina Leigh Waters it is quite obvious that not everyone has the natural talents to be a host. With that out of the way let us dive right into "Night of the Demon". Another long sought after low budget horror flick (before this official release the film was only available in so-so bootlegs) "Night of the Demon" was released in 1980 and is another film with the claim of being on the UK's "Video Nasty" list. At the start of the movie we are told that the source material is a 1 Inch master tape since a film print could not be found. The image is full screen and despite being shot on 16mm (and blown up to 35mm) the image is actually good. Not great mind you. Just good. As good as a movie made in 1980 on a shoe-string budget can get good.  On to the plot which despite the title has nothing to do with demons. "Night of the Crazed Bigfoot" would have been a better title but it is what it is. The plot as it is goes something like this- A professor and some students decide to go up into the mountains to investigate reports that a psychotic Bigfoot has gone on a LSD induced killing rampage! While that part about the LSD is made up for my amusement the film really is another "classic"  bonzo for Bigfoot film. Seems like the 70s and early 80s were filled with these sort of "Bogey Creek" inspired films. I'm guessing though that of all the low budget knock-offs none were as gory as this one. From Bigfoot swinging around a sleeping bag victim (wait, didn't we see some hockey mask killer do that once?) to a scene that had me covering my manhood (ouch is all I have to say!) the gore (while low budget) is pretty high. Throw in boobs and this is a pretty standard 80's horror flick all around! This movie though has to be one of the only Bigfoot films where you actually get a pretty good look at old Harry (Harry and the Hendersons joke) and let me say it isn't horrible. Sure it isn't CGI Bigfoot or anything. It's a rubber mask but for some filmmakers who didn't have a major studio backing them it isn't that bad. As far as the acting goes it is wooden with the only "star" being California Dream's Michael Cutt. The bonus material  includes three  movie trailers. While I have seen "The Hearse" (staring the wonderful Trish Van Dever-who I secretly had a crush on in my younger days for some reason) both "Killpoint" and "Lowblow"  are new to me. Both look promising in a sort of 70's cheese fest kind of way. So, do I recommend "Night of the Demon"? Yes, I do if only for those who love these kind of "shock" films. It isn't much on plot or for that matter logic but it is fun in a "six beers, a pizza and a night with friends" kind of way.


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