Thursday, November 17, 2011


Debemur Morti Productions

Since much of  what appears on IHVI was composed between 2003-2004 and released already on their 2005 self-release album old fans might not find much here to get overly excited about. With maybe a better production job and the exception of "newer" tracks like  "The Flesh Begat"  (2008) and "Raising My Temples (2006) this is all older material and may or may not be a reflection of what these guys are all about now. For those of you new to this French band though black metal is the name of the game. Crusty black metal with what sounds like the cookie monster (possessed by what I would imagine is a horde of pissed-off demons) for a leader. The song titles and lyrics all point this one away from God if you catch my drift and there isn't much here that would appeal to anyone but the hardest of black metal fans. If dark and depressing is the way you view life these days then this might be the album for you.


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