Thursday, December 22, 2011

Majestic Downfall-The Blood Dance

Chaos Records

Majestic Downfall is a one man doom death project from multi-instrumentalist and composer Jacobo Córdova (Ticket to Hell, Antiqua, Zombiefication). While the album does feature a guest guitar solo from Roberto Granados (Denial, The Suffering) and a partial studio drummer "The Blood Dance" is all the vision of Jacobo. On the Majestic Downfall's sophomore release things might start off all peaceful (thanks to a deceiving intro) but soon they dissolve into a nightmare of dread and utter despair. Jacobo has obviously suffered the ills of his own inner demons as "The Blood Dance" is a desperate reach for some sort of peace. He never achieves it as "The Blood Dance" marks one man's slow descent into madness. Doom death is a hard genre to tackle if only for the reason that it can end up as a pitiful mess. Majestic Downfall avoids those dangers by making this sophomore album both dreadful and inviting.


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