Monday, January 02, 2012

Nails/Skin Like Iron-split EP


This self-release is a split 7” EP with Skin Like Iron on Side A and Nails on Side B. San Francisco’s Skin Like Iron are modern hardcore with a punk rock backside. With hoarse vocals and one foot planted in eighties punk this hardcore act treats it's two songs like pieces of meat getting tenderized. Of the two cuts the track "The Parade" is more melodic. Or as melodic as a band like this is going to get. Side B gives us Oxnard, California's (the same town as the legendary Dr. Know) own Nails. Now these guys don't mess around. Brutal hardcore is one thing and then there is Nails who take brutality to a whole different realm. Wow. Now, this one-time pressing of 1000 copies will be split between a publicly available reserve of 900 copies on black wax and 100 copies on blue, available from the bands only so don't sleep on this release folks. I have a strange feeling this one will sell like crazy given the cult status of both acts.


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