Thursday, December 29, 2011

Macabra-Blood Nurtured Nature


Macabra is the joint project between Belgian vocalist Adrien 'Liquifier' Weber and American illustrator and multi-instrumentalist Mark Riddick. This is highly influenced by old style death bands like Asphyx and Death. The style is extremely basic and the production borders on a bare bones variety. If it wasn't for the volume and the production on the vocals then this album might pass as some long lost demo from around 90-91. That sound has both positive and negative traits. The vocals certainly capture a ferocious style that relies on deep, thick vocals. Plus the vocals even have some variation that helps to add some much needed depth. The music is far more one dimensional at times. They keep the pace going and the music never sits gliding on one tempo for too long, However the guitars often lack the heaviness needed even when the speed picks up. The results are that some of the tracks sound a bit thin and I certainly found my eyes checking the running time to see how much more I had to listen to. I admire their dedication to adhere to a retro style and they capture some of the spirit of the style. Yet they never manage to capture the power and steady attacks that defined the best bands of this style say twenty years ago. Plus they never really add any of their own ideas. Which makes this at best a slightly above average effort with a few sparks here and there.

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