Saturday, December 24, 2011

Grigori 3-"Inferno" Single

Dark Star Records

I'm never quite sure what sort of promos will show up in my Inbox. On any given day you can get flooded with various requests from bands, promoters, PR folks and upstart Record Labels. I'm not quite sure what to make of this one honestly. From what I have been able to gather this single has been out now for a month or so. Certainly this is something interesting and different from Dark Star Records. "Inferno" is the latest single from this young Chicago band. Apparently the band has been a big hit among the goth and industrial crowd and has had plenty of write-ups in alternative music magazines. Based on web research it sounds as if their early work fit into a sort of goth/industrial/alternative rock area with only a slight hint of heavy metal here and there. On “Inferno” the obvious point of reference would be Amy Lee and her work with Evanescence. You've got a song not too far removed from said rock band only with a heavier edge and more intimating approach. Supposedly the group's sophomore album “On Your 6” (due in the stores in 2012) will focus more on the their heavy metal roots.The band has been working with Grammy nominee producer Matt Mercado in an effort to showcase more that metal edge and draw in legions of new fans. "Inferno" is one of those songs that should appeal to the goth metal crowd while also drawing in those who enjoy heavier rock radio. Hopefully I'll be able to snag a copy of "On Your 6" when it hits stores as I'm always interested in finding new alternative rock bands that embrace their heavy metal roots.


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