Thursday, December 29, 2011



The cover of this album from US outfit Immolith just screams out black metal in large, growling tones and indeed in this case you can judge a book (or album) by it's cover. This old style black metal owing much to 90's acts. So expect swirling rhythms intermingled with bludgeoning attacks and occasional mid-tempo marches bridging the gaps. The music is frequently relentless and they benefit from throwing out chaotic passages and just changing up the tempo frequently. The vocals are of the sore throat growling variety. However they are slightly low in the mix on several songs and this robs them of some of the power they could have had. Most of the songs are around 4-5 minutes in length and the band manages to keep the momentum going throughout. The only complaint I have is that this has been before and that's where it's difficult for a band like this to establish their identity. Everything they do they pull off well enough, but it's hard to find a reason to listen to this band instead of listening to 90's acts they are influenced by. However they do enough to prove how tight and focused they are. So hopefully they keep at it and the next time around they work on developing some of their own ideas and working them into the solid foundation thy have already created.

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