Tuesday, December 27, 2011

So Is The Tongue-a Child of Divorce

Nefarious Industries

I've always found experimental rock to be an odd description. It makes me think of some mad scientist taking rock and rock and doing illegal experiments on it. It is also a rather loose term. Really it can mean anything and lets face it when you don't know how to describe a band's sound it is a easy way out. All of that brings us to New Jersey-based experimental rock outfit So Is The Tongue. As the group looks to release their sophomore LP, "A Child Of Divorce" I find myself as a loss how to describe it. It truly is experimental rock as these New Jersey musicians grab blindly from various genres to create a very odd creature. Post-rock, jazz, folk, and progressive metal all get pulled into the picture and frankly it is all rather confusing. A better term for the group might be post-rock as "A Child Of Divorce" hits quite a few of those familiar chords. Even so that doesn't do a proper job with describing So Is The Tongue. The best I can do is suggest you check out this band for yourself. It is all so odd and yet maybe you the reader can make sense of it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, that was a completely useless review. Why dont you go take LSD so you can listen to the album with some brain activity and then replace this post with an actual post.

11:08 AM  
Blogger Metal Mark said...

anonymous-I love it when people come by and complain because a review doesn't say exactly what they want it to. Reviews are based on opinions and they vary. Get over yourself and grow up. Oh and Happy New Year and thanks for increasing the hit count by stopping by.

2:50 AM  
Blogger Andy said...

Anonymous-I'll leave the LSD for fine people like you. I listened to this album and it is what it is-weird post-rock/experimental rock. It is an odd listen and I couldn't wrap my head around the sound. Thus is the reason I suggested that fine folks like yourself listen to and see what they come away with. I welcome your review of the album if mine did not suite your tastes Just type it up and post it in the comments section.

4:51 AM  

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