Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trucker Diablo-The devil rhythm


Ripple Music

I received this disc a few weeks ago. I don't if it was due to the holidays or just laziness on my part, but whatever the reason I didn't get around to taking the plastic off it today. So today the weather in my area didn't get above 40 degrees, but when I put this disc into my car stereo it sure melted away the chill. They have some big nasty riffs at their disposal. However this isn't the straight ahead total rawk fest I was figuring it might be. There are definitely some 70's and 80's influences mixed in there from AC/DC to ZZtop. However they are display a knack for writing some catchy choruses and they easily use the melodic approach needed to really put this off as you can hear in tracks like "Rattlehead" and "Big truck". Now don't read that last part as a weakness because they can still still stomp you flat with massive storms of gritty rock like Juggernaut (with Ricky Warwick of Thin Lizzy) and "Drink beer, destroy". Almost every song is the kind where you here it once and it seems like and old favorite right away. I guess that is due to the fact that this band knows the correct buttons to press to get and keep your attention. Trucker Diablo have managed to put out a selection of tracks that proudly disblay their spectacular writing skills and they have the chops to pull the songs off as well.

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