Wednesday, January 04, 2012


God of Thunder

This is the debut from Florida-based act Necrotic. So this is old style thrash with some classic metal mixed in and the vocals sometimes have a more modern take. Okay, so that sounds like an ambitious undertaking. Indeed they attempt to include more ideas than the usual outpouring of retro-thrash acts going today. I'll start with the positives. First off the energy level, there is no denying the enjoy what they are doing here. There are times where their enthusiasm makes up for some some other shortcomings. Also I would say they are not afraid to try different things, although thrash is the dominant style they pull in classic metal, some more modern crunch passages and they even try a few slightly melodic bits too. Plus they don't just separate the styles, they try to blend several together in each song. Okay, now the down side. While they have the talent to play different style they don't always possess the the creative ability to put the different pieces together and make it work. There are many moments where the different bits clunk rather click. However don't see this as a failure. No, there is definitely enough potential here to make this worth a listen. The know how to create so many parts and most sound good, they just need practice getting it altogether in a more seamless manner. Sometimes that works on this albums and several times it does not. I think they are onto something, but they need some practice and a bit more focus. Indeed I hope they keep at it because this album had enough to make me think they really be something special if they keep at it.

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