Tuesday, January 03, 2012

My Life's Burden-My Life's Burden


Chances are good you've already heard My Life's Burden. At any given time most people have heard groups such as Tool, Pearl Jam, Bush or Foo Fighters. With My Life's Burden the influences are put right out in front for everyone to see. Adding in Pantera, Metallica, Mudvayne, Deftones, 311, Acid Bath, Motley Crew, Guns N' Roses, Janis Joplin and Taproot as music that help carve out this Ohio band's sound helps one to flush out the exact nature of My Life's Burden's debut album. While it might come across as a bad thing it isn't exactly as if every band out there these days is completely original. Few are anymore basically. At least with these guys there is a sincere outpouring of emotional hard rock/metal even if the end results are not always as complete as one would like. Tracks like the heavy, modern crunch rocker "Ashes Of Truth" with it's Pantera riffs are the stuff alternative radio fans drool over as is "Unfair". Take a listen to "Suffering" with its Tool meets radio metalcore and it is true that there is indeed appreciation for the deeper tones that move this album along. The band's song "Gravitate" has received quite a bit of local airplay and gives you a good idea about what drives this Akron band. If only the band was able to keep things wrapped together so smoothly throughout the full-length debut. At times I caught wind of a group tripping over each other with guitars out of sync. Not always obviously and honestly when it does happen I'm reminded of the sounds of 90's hard rock and grunge acts who worshiped at the alter of Black Sabbath riffs. While it was always nice to hear those meaty riffs it wasn't always the most technical affair. Also, as much as lead vocalist Brandon Allen gives us amazing songs to hang onto and soak in there are moments when he sounds either winded or strained. A minor complaint though as the emotion behind his voice is rather addicting in much the same way as many early 90's MTV hard rock heroes. With time to mature his voice could be the one thing that puts these guys over. Overall a good debut with room to grow. Find out more at the group's FaceBook page below.



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Very fair reveiw. Love those guys regardless.

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