Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Even though the English glam metal band Girl were only active for three years (they were formed in 1979 and split up in 1982) they left a lasting legacy thanks in no small part to their members. In Girl's ranks was lead vocalist Phil Lewis (who later sang for L.A. Guns) and guitarist Phil Collen (who later joined Def Leppard). Despite the fact that both musicians went on to bigger and better things we shouldn't just write off Girl. They were part of the early NWOBHM scene even if glam metal isn't always thought of in the same way as bands like Saxon, Iron Maiden and Def Leppard. Signed by Jet Records the group released two singles before releasing their superb debut album "Sheer Greed" in 1980. Helped out by the growing appeal of hard rock among English kids the album went on to chart a pre-L.A. Guns version of the song "Hollywood Tease". Also featuring "Do You Love Me?" is (a cover of the song from Kiss' album "Destroyer") the album peaked at No. 33 in the UK Albums Chart. "Wasted Youth" followed in 1982 peaking at number 92 in the UK. Shortly after the release of the album the band broke up. The band's label went on to release "Killing Time" in 1987. Made up of leftover tracks from their two earlier albums (as well as unpublished tracks from a third unreleased album) it is really an album for Girl' collectors only as the material is marginal at best. Other post-breakup releases from Girl include "Live At The Marquee", "Live At The Exposition Hall, Osaka, Japan", the 37 track anthology "My Number: The Anthology" (Editor's Note-This is the collection to own as it gives a fantastic overview of the band!), "Bootleg - Live in Tokyo 1980" and "Girl-Sheer Greed-Gerry Laffy - The Rare DVD Collection". Sadly Girl are not thought more highly of and it seems as if only die-hard glam fans and NWOBHM collectors know of their early work. Both Def Leppard and L.A. Guns overshadow Girl which is too bad as Girl crafted quality glam metal. They had the hooks and the looks to go onto bigger and better things as the true glam metal/pop metal explosion was right around the corner obviously. Girl though are another case of a band being so close to glory only to implode at the last second.


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