Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mellow Bravo-s/t

Small Stone

As I listened to the sophomore album from Mellow Bravo I pondered the question of how would I describe this album in one word? If forced to choose I would pick "smooth" to describe this album. Fortunately there aren't such limitations on me and I can expand on this review beyond just one word. This is pure rock that's knee deep in grooves and they have their hands full more rhythms than you can imagine. This is is swirling mixture of classic rock, honky tonk and just pure instinctive playing. There are influences scattered throughout from the last several decades. This band draws from those, but they never lean too heavily on one band. The manage to create a sound that glides on yet captures your attention immediately. At times they are subtle, but the melodies and their confidence make every song a complete package. There is very a much a live sound to many of their songs which only helps them to sound even more solid. This kind of sound isn't always to my liking, but Mellow Bravo have created an album where every song had me hooked.

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