Monday, June 11, 2012

Tokyo Blade-Camp 334

Fastball Music

Color me surprised. Who knew this EP was even out? Then again I must have slept through the band's latest full-length album, "Thousand Men Strong", which was released in March of 2011 as well. Granted, I have not paid much attention to what the band has been up to lately as for me this classic N.W.O.B.H.M. band fizzled out during the mid-eighties. Looking back in anticipation of this review I see that "Thousand Men Strong" received positive reviews so maybe just maybe I will have to check it out. Judging by the live cover of the band's 2011 album's title track on this EP it seems like straight-forward heavy metal. Along with the live version of "Thousand Men Strong" you have the 8 minute plus title cut, "Camp 334" which features Tokyo Blade guitarist Andy Boulton's friend Joe Brave Heart performing a intro prayer in his native tongue (Joe's that is!). That make sense (having Joe on the record and all) if you consider the fact that Andy has been working with the charity for several years now. If a eight minute track sounds like a tad much then consider the fact that you also get a edited version of "Camp 334". So, with that in mind and, as stated, the attachment of a live cut it is not too bad of a deal. This EP is the first release of what is said to be three different songs/releases for three charities. Proceeds from the track "Camp 334" will go to the One Spirit charity, which helps make life better for the Lakota Sioux on the Pine Ridge reservation. And you know what I always have to say about that right? Good music for a good cause is something I can always get behind. This seems to be a digital-only release and, from the looks of it, at least available on Amazon and Itunes. "Camp 334" is great classic heavy metal with a slight old-school British flair. After all these years the band does sound good...or at least on these cuts they do.

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