Sunday, June 10, 2012

Zombiefication-Reaper's Consecration



Mexico's Zombiefication play death metal that primarily influenced by 90's Swedish acts. Which means they don't earn much in the way of originality points. The important part is they are solid in their presentation and do a great deal of justice to the bands that inspired them. This EP is full of brutal tracks of bludgeoning death metal. Almost every track blasts on, but these guys impressed to some extent by keeping control and blending in more or least longer bits of pace changes than I was expecting. The keep the mood dark and the sounds thick. Those two elements help their music to be thoroughly engaging despite some raw edges. Now had this been a full length album I may have expected a little more in the originality department. For this album I enjoyed it and give them credit for releasing a strong old school death metal album.

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