Saturday, July 13, 2013


Svart Records

With their first full-length album not due for release until the end of next month (August 23nd to be exact) it's likely that all this review of "Powerdose" will do is fan the flames of anticipation. For you see Finland’s Speedtrap, which was founded in 2007 in Lappeenranta, offer up a speed metal version of Motörhead that is nothing short of kick ass. Yes, this album will do just that. It will kick your ass and leave you for dead in some back alley. You know what though? You'll be asking for more! This one should be on more then a few radars then especially if you can't get enough of the full-tilt punk n' roll/thrash that has evolved from the nightly worship of bands like Motörhead, Tank, Discharge, English Dogs, Broken Bones and The Exlpoited. Featuring the vocals of Jori Sara-aho ( ) and the guitar playing of Ville Valavuo (Death Toll 80K, Death with a Dagger, Perikato) this release is another reason why labels like Svart Records won't soon dry up and fade away. Where these labels manage to find all of these sensational heavy metal acts remains a mystery, but with Speedtrap the label has snatched up what is sure to be a hot ticket item. Sure, it's been done before as there's seldom a month that goes by that I don't hear of some new rock-n-roll/thrash metal act that's knocking heads off. Here's the thing though. When it's a real nasty slab of fist bangin' metal that's played with enthusiasm by a group of musicians with this much skill then what does it matter if it's not 100% original? You can hear this metal mayhem for yourself when "Powerdose" hits the shelves next month.

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