Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gloryful-Ocean Blade

Massacre Records

Ten month's after issuing their well-received (if reportedly nowhere near as intense as this epic, 40 plus minute release is) debut album, "The Warrior‘s Code", Gloryful return with the rock-steady "Ocean Blade". As a follow-up tot he band's 2013 first full-length it's highly energetic and technically-rounded and as hard-driving and flat-out crushing as opener "Hiring the Dead" is the album, which was mixed by the legendary Dan Swanö and mastered by Charles Greywolf (guitarist of Germany’s Powerwolf), only gets better as it advances with it's attack just like the mythical beast posted above! Formed in the summer of 2010 by lead singer Johnny La Bomba (a rough-edge type of singer who really adds to the gritty nature of this five-piece act!) and guitarist/occasional bassist Shredmaster JB (aka Jens Basten), Gloryful, who made their debut the same year as forming with the 3-track demo, "Sedna’s Revenge", combines elements of classic heavy metal and near-epic metal with both speed and power metal. Lyrically-speaking the band is driven by the Inuit-legend of sea goddess Sedna, but for all intensive purposes let's just say that "Ocean Blade" should readily appeal to everyday metalheads as much as it does to the epic and Euro-flavored crowd. Or, if you will, power metal fanatics in general or those who simply love straight-ahead, kick-ass METAL! Well-written, effectively performed and as steady-handed as they come (with more than it's fill of fist banging moments and air guitar-worthy shredding leads!) "Ocean Blade"is worth it's weight in pirate gold and makes for a nice addition to one's heavy/power metal collection. 

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